Come Explore The 2018 Nissan Rogue

The are many advantages to choosing a crossover SUV as your next vehicle. They incorporate many of the benefits found in both SUV and sedans, seemingly integrating them to give drivers a great driving experience. The 2018 Rogue is a compact crossover designed for those who want a large vehicle comfort in a smaller package.

There are many features of the 2018 Rogue designed to catch drivers attention. The available power panoramic roof, when opened, allows those sitting in the front and back a majestic view of the sky. The V-Motion grille provides a stunning first appearance allowing the


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Nissan Altima Performance Features

You may not think a midsize sedan would be known for a wide variety of performance features, but you will definitely think differently after you take a look at the Nissan Altima. It is one of the most popular cars in its class for that reason and many more.

What makes the Nissan Altima so versatile in its performance features? For one thing, it offers a choice of engines. You can have either a 4-Cylinder engine or a V6 engine. As a standard feature on all models, it also offers Xtronic CVT® transmission for the ideal RPM at all times…
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Nissan Maxima Performance Features for 2018

The 2018 Nissan Maxima is top ranked in the large car market for its base engine. The Maxima's fuel economy is unrivaled in the market with handling that is smooth and efficient across all roads. While it is a luxury-style vehicle, the price is far below the cost of other vehicles. It lets you go around corners with easy. Acceleration is great with the Maxima due to its 3.5-liter V6 engine that puts out 300-horsepower.

The V6 makes it easy to pass or merge on the highway as the engine delivers power without any of the harsh vibration…
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Tow Heavy Loads Safely in the 2018 Nissan Titan

While towing a trailer, recreational vehicle, or boat can be tricky, the 2018 Nissan Titan provides you with the tools you need to get to your destination safely. It contains advanced technology that can improve your stability no matter what type of environment you're in.

The Titan has a towing mode that can be initiated with a simple press of a button. When it's activated, your truck's performance will change to compensate for the added weight and power requirements. Gone are the days of having to find the right gear to get the job done. The Titan…

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Read About the 2018 Nissan Altima’s Interior Features

The 2018 Nissan Altima is a popular option among consumers looking to purchase a midsize sedan. The model is an excellent choice because it offers a spectrum of exterior, performance, safety, and interior features. We have summarized a few of the 2018 Altima’s interior features below.

The interior comes with an optional Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control that gives front seat passengers the ability to control their side of the air vents for customized comfortability. In addition, you can also opt for the larger air vents in the back seats to keep passengers comfortable...


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What’s under the hood of the Nissan Rogue?

A popular compact SUV like the Nissan Rogue doesn’t have to sacrifice power for efficiency. Here are just some of the options available on the 2018 Rogue.

The Rogue Hybrid model works to improve your fuel efficiency from when you start the SUV. When you’re driving in traffic, frequent stops can be normal. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or at a stoplight, the system can turn off the engine while idle, and restore the speed when you’re ready to go.


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2018 Nissan Pathfinder Performs in Any Condition

The Nissan Pathfinder storms into 2018 offering a myriad of performance features designed to impress. This seven-passenger SUV offers an available Intelligent four-wheel drive system featuring a variety of specific driving modes designed to tackle any sort of road condition. The hill start assist and hill descent control systems work together to tackle any challenging situation. By preventing rollback and automatically adjusting brake pressure and vehicle speed, this feature will work hard to give drivers the ultimate peace of mind while on the road.

We welcome our valued...
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Should You Be Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

When you bring your vehicle into our service department at Priority Nissan Newport News for an oil change, you should know the difference between conventional motor oil or synthetic oil, also known as full synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic oil is a specially formulated motor oil that provides the highest degree of protection and performance for the engine. Many manufacturers of newer model cars actually require the use of synthetic rather than conventional motor oil.

Compared with conventional motor oil, synthetic oil provides the best protection for engines that have over 75,000 miles. 

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The Nissan Maxima has an Interior You Will Love

The Nissan Maxima is a popular vehicle choice for those looking for a luxury sports sedan. This vehicle is equipped with interior features that will keep you comfortable and happy when you are out on the road.

The Nissan Maxima is set up with special technology to help you stay connected on the go. You can find food and lodging right from the screen of your vehicle when you drive this car. The Nissan Maxima is also set up with the option for a special Bose sound system to make all of your musical experiences on the road great ones…
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Keep Your Brake Pads In Good Shape To Ensure Good Stopping Power

One of the most crucial systems on your vehicle is your braking system. It is one of the most important safety systems that you have. Naturally, you will want to make sure to keep it in good shape and monitor the wear and tear that it takes. That is why when it does come time to replace components in the system it helps if you have an understanding of the parts and how they work together.

Braking is done when the master cylinder forces brake fluid through the system as a result of you pressing the brake pedal. This causes…

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